DNA fragment isolation using DEAE membranes

peter nielsen nielsen at immunbio.mpg.de
Fri Sep 10 11:43:26 EST 2004

Since Schleicher and Schuell stopped making NA45, it has not been clear  
where one can obtain DEAE-membranes for the isolation of DNA fragments  
from agarose gels.

I have now found a replacement for NA45 which I am very happy with.

It is a DEAE-membrane from the complany  Sartorius (www.sartorius.com)  
called Sartobind-D (Cat# D210297D).

I have not gotten the chance to extensively test the fragments isolated  
with the method but at least restriction digestions, PCR and cloning of  
the purified fragments works well and the yields are good.

The membrane is much stiffer than NA45 so it is much easier to work  

A protocoll can be found here:




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