Electroporation advice

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Fri Sep 17 11:02:14 EST 2004

In article <cbe96000.0409170301.551a6000 at posting.google.com>, rpmdias at clix.pt (Ricardo Dias) wrote:
>I'm searching for a reliable and flexible electroporator, that could
>be used to electroporation of gram positive and negative bacteria,
>transfection and electrofusion.
>Can ant one give me an advice ?

For bacterial transformation, just about any high voltage output
electroprator  (at least 1.5 kV) will work fine. For mammalian 
transfections you'll also want high capacitance option. The 
most popular is GenePulser from Bio-Rad which is good because
easily 85% of the protocols described use it. 

For an efficient electrofusion you'd be much better off with a 
device that is also capable of delivering square pulses. BTX is the 
mainstay of such machines. 

The most expensive ones will be able to deliver exponential pulses,
square pulses and a dual square pulse protocol. If you have money 
and inclination to tinker with parameters, go with such thing. 
I've seen a number of companies offering such machines. 


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