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Jose de las Heras jose.delasheras at
Fri Sep 17 13:49:24 EST 2004

"zai" <mgbmoon2001 at> wrote in message
news:6ab4d591.0409160228.1832c2b2 at
> Hello to everybody. I urgently look for general informations
> (fundamental principles) on the technique of chromatin
> immunoprecipitation.
> Thank you, zai

Hello Zai,

you obviously have internet access, then I suggest you spend a tiny bit of
time and effort in doing a suitable search. There's TONS of information on
ChIP around. You won't have any difficulty to find out the basic principle
and general information that you require.
Once you have found that, if you have any doubts, questions... do not
hesitate to come back here. I for one would be glad to offer help. But I
just don't feel inclined to do some lazy student's homework, which is what
your question makes me think of. If I am mistaken, please accept my
apologies and do tell me what it is you would like to know about ChIP.


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