Christopher send.spam at somewhere.else
Sun Sep 19 11:02:49 EST 2004

"Tom Anderson" <ucgatan at ucl.ac.uk> wrote

>> Seems to me someone was not doing a homework.

I'd understand why anyone might think that way, but truly, it was a simply 
an honest gap in my knowledge. It's been filled in now, as have many other 
things thanks to this newsgroup.

> Probably, but i reckon anyone who actually manages to find Methods &
> Reagents deserves a break - discovering this resource is actually far more
> useful than learning about one particular technique.

That it is, indeed. I first wandered on here about two years ago, and I 
can't begin to tell you the number of questions that I've had answered, and 
problems I've had solved just by reading. Thanks to all who contribute.


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