help: mounting medium for live cell fluorescent microscopy?

Rene renevanwezel at
Thu Sep 23 04:02:00 EST 2004

I doubt it. Unless you really need live cells, you're best off fixing
the cells and using glycerol based media.
There are chemicals in use to prevent things(protists) moving, like
methyl cellulose (no idea about auto-fluorescence) and narcotics, or
you could try and find non-fluoreshing mesh material that would keep
the cells in their place. You might look at embedding in Low melting
point agarose or alginate (again, no idea about auto fluorescence).
But for better optical properties you really need to change from water
to glycerol or PVA based media.

HTH, Rene.

egf_repeats at (Patrick) wrote in message news:<d8a7e954.0409221027.7c67aa8c at>...
> Hi, can anybody recommend a mounting medium for live cell fluorescent
> microscopy except water? I tried glycerol based mounting medium
> VECTASHIELD H-1000 but it bursted my cells immediately. Water is okay
> but is there anything better than water in terms of preventing the
> movement of the cells under microscope and better optical qualities?
> Thanks.

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