Amplify-like program for PC?

Mean_Chlorine mike_noren2002 at
Thu Sep 23 08:27:13 EST 2004

I'm wondering if there are any free/shareware Windows programs which
simulates PCR given a set of primers and a target sequence, like
Amplify for the Macitosh does?

Note: I do _not_ need auto-design of primers, secondary structure
prediction, or any fancy features, just a program where you input
primers and sequence, it does a simulated PCR, and outputs product
length, primer fit, and estimated relative PCR efficiency.
And which has a graphical interface and is reasonably easy to use.

Basically an Amplify for Windows.

Does such a beast exist?

BTW, I've tried FastPCR and Primer Premier, and they are not what I'm
looking for.

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