transfection of JEG-3 cells

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Agree with D.K.  An Ambion poster recommends square wave electroporation for
primary and hard to transfect cells because one needs the higher cell
viability results.   Bacteria and fast growing mammalian cells can be grown
back, even with low cell viability from chemical transfectants. However,
electroporation will work with all eukaryotic cells, so why not use it for
every line?  Cyto Pulse and BTX have 96 well chambers that make optimization
faster and simpler.

However, if you don't have an electroporator, try looking up some of the
hundred or so papers that have sucessfully transfected with chemicals or
lipids.  You may have to try something else than ca-phosphate.

W Schick
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>>Need advise on transfecting JEG-3 cells:
>>I didn't succeed to transfect my JEG-3 cells with the modified
>>Ca-phospate method (with BES not HEPES). my regents are probably fine
>>as I can transfect other cell lines I use. Any advise how to improve
>>the transfection is wellcomed.
> Use electroporation. It always works.
> DK


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