Sephadex columns for nucleic acids clean up

Jill of all trades jkellogg at
Wed Apr 6 16:20:00 EST 2005

Way back when, a company called 5 prime -> 3 prime sold a small
sephadex column. It was used for DNA or RNA purfication subsequent to
various enzymatic reactions. The column was ready-to-use (no prep
necessary, just uncap and drain) and was designed for use in a
centrifuge/microfuge.  5 prime -> 3 prime is no longer in business and
I've been trying to find someone else who sells these things.  Does
anyone know if they are still out there somewhere?
I know I can make my own.  I know I can use columns that aren't
designed for a centrifuge.  I know there are columns and strategies
that use something other than sephadex but right now I'm not
interested in those options, just the ready to go sephadex columns.

Thanks so much!

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