preventing carryover while using dTTP

Dag Rune Gjellesvik dagrg_nospam at
Thu Apr 14 09:03:38 EST 2005

There is a method, that remove carry-over contaminants, at least to some
extent. You may use a new nuclease from shrimp that is dsDNA specific to
pretreat your reaction before the addition of template. This nuclease will
not degrade your primers, but carry-over PCR products should be dsDNA, and
get degraded.

The method will not remove any carry-over contaminants that are added
through your template preparation, though, so it's not fool proof. But it
maybe sufficient?

I have to be honest to tell you that we make the enzyme. It is available
through USB, GE and ABgene (UK) as Shrimp nuclease (or deoxyribonuclease).

Dag Rune Gjellesvik
Biotec Pharmacon ASA

<lewdster at> skrev i melding
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> Hi,
> I was wondering if it was possible to prevent possible carryover while
> using dTTP in a PCR multiplex reaction?

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