Looking for cheap chromatography column system

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Thu Apr 14 21:35:42 EST 2005

In article < at pop.gmx.net>, novalidaddress at nurfuerspam.de (Wofo) wrote:
>Dear Experts,
>do you know any company selling empty chromatography columns (1ml, 2ml 
>and/or 5ml) that have some sort of connectors (tubing, syringe, luer) that 
>one may use for free flow and peristaltic pump driven affinity 
>chromatography? I found that stuff from Amersham/Pharmica quite nice and 
>useful but horribly expensive.

As others have suggested, Bio-Rad's "yellow" columns are quite 
adequate for most LC applications that do not require high 
performace. They do have at least one alternative - "blue"
columns form Kontes. Bio-Rad's flow adapters are better but
Kontes columns are cheaper.  Other than that, there isn't much
of a difference between the two. 

Of course, for simple affinity chromatography you don't need
any of that :-). Ready to go gravity plastic colums are available 
available from almost every company. Alternatively, syringe, 
cork borer and woven polyethylene filters (I collect and reuse 
frits from Qiagen's DNA Maxi preps and such) make the same.
This gives you luer on one end. A rubber cork with a needle 
inside gives you secure LC connection on top. Connect pump
to the need with a luer adapter and off you go. To prevent bed 
disturbance, use floating top filter and keep smal layer of liquid 
above the bed. 

For affinity chromatography, this is perfectly adequate setup
that costs nothing and easy to use. Oh, the good ole days! :-)


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