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> Hi everyone,
> I am in the market to buy a new PAGE set-up. I refuse to buy Biorad again. 
> I have been burnt by their low quality equipment before. We have begun 
> pouring a large number of gels, and  I am sick of wasting half my time 
> time trying to keep the casting system from leaking even as I'm pouring my 
> gel. There has to be something better out there than Biorad. I would like 
> recommendations on which company's apparatus will allow me to pour my 
> PAGEs every time without leakage.

We seal the bottom of the glass plates with parafilm before pouring the gel 
(apply some silicone vacuum grease to the edges and then puf the parafilm 
on, seals perfectly). it takes about 3 minutes and we didn't have leakage 
ever since.

> Thanks for the help,
> Jim
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