crude bacterial DNA prep

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Hey Michael

For PCRs I regularly use bacteria that have been scraped from media
plates, suspended in water, aliquoted into utubes and stored in the
freezer.  Just thaw an aliquote and use 1ul at 10e8 cells/ml in a 25ul
PCR.  I would go ahead and try a PCR of I were you.  It is sooo much
easier than doing the DNA prep.

I have also been using this really easy prep protocol published by Blake
Bextine / Jacqueline Fletcher's lab using QBiogene's geneclean kits.  I
believe the reference is something about yellow vine disease and
associated bacterial infections of squash.  Plant Diseases 2001. Let me
know if you want my protocol.

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>I want to use PCR to confirm the presence of a large, low copy number 
>plasmid from a bacterial strain.
>Can one simply use a small amount of culture directly in a PCR 
>reaction, or should one do some sort of DNA prep, even a crude one, 
>prior to PCR? If the latter, does anybody have any suggestions for an 
>easy prep to make PCR-quality DNA.
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