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> > Hi everyone,
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> > I am in the market to buy a new PAGE set-up. I refuse to buy Biorad again. 
> > I have been burnt by their low quality equipment before. We have begun 
> > pouring a large number of gels, and  I am sick of wasting half my time 
> > time trying to keep the casting system from leaking even as I'm pouring my 
> > gel. There has to be something better out there than Biorad. I would like 
> > recommendations on which company's apparatus will allow me to pour my 
> > PAGEs every time without leakage.

You might consider, given that you are doing large numbers, a gel-block 
system such as we use for 2-D gels. Leaks are not an issue.
With a block system, you pour the separation layer for up to 16 gels at 
once, inside a closed tank, pumping the gel from the bottom. The gel 
plate sets are separated by plastic film so they can be used 
individually. Pour the stacking gel after, from the top.  We pour about 
1.5 litres of gel at once, and the system costs us about 100 ml of that 
for hoses and the tank bottom.

You just need to choose a system which uses gels sizes comaptible with 
your apparatus, or get one fitted for your system.

Your mileage may vary.


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