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PhD student schlolarships
For research at the Australian National University (ANU)

Drought signaling genes, plant development and water use efficiency

We have identified candidate genes and proteins for the control of
transpiration efficiency and plant performance under drought. These range
from transcription factors to signaling genes (eg  hormonal signaling,
kinases; see our recent publication in NATURE, 2005 436:866-870), to
adaptive genes involved in metabolic and developmental processes.

We are seeking PhD students interested in joining our ongoing work on the
role of these genes and identification of the pathways they operate in.
Depending on student interests, these functional studies will involve work
in planta (molecular and physiological evaluation of transgenic lines or
mutants available in the lab; expression studies in GFP or GUS reporter
lines), or in vitro (eg protein expression studies), and diverse approaches
from molecular and cellular biology, functional genomics, quantitative
genetics or whole plant physiology.

The projects involve collaborations with local or international labs
(Europe, USA) or Industry partners.

ANU postgraduate scholarships are available for Australian or international
students. These are highly competitive scholarships, awarded on merit, with
the potential to lead to dual postgraduate degrees. Other scholarships from
Industry may be available.
Deadlines for applications are approaching, ranging from August 31st
(international students) to the end October (Australian students) for a
starting date early 2006.

Interested students are encouraged to contact us (email:
josette.masle at
to discuss the science or any questions and get help for their application.
The ANU and our lab in the Research School of Biological Sciences are
thriving, multicultural environments (  and

The annual stipend is A$18K for the ANU scholarships (plus an additional A$
6K top-up from our lab) or A$25K for Industry funded scholarships.


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