High Fidelity A-tailing PCR DNA polymerase?

Mark nospam at nspam.com
Fri Aug 12 11:00:44 EST 2005

Rollins, Sean wrote:
> I am looking for a high fidelity A-tailing DNA polymerase for TA cloning?
> Preferably, a robust enzyme that will generate a allot product but with higher
> fidelity that Taq.  If anyone has any suggestions, they would be appreciated.

I have used high fidelity blends from invitrogen (Platinum high 
fidelity taq) and eppendorf (triple master), and both seem to 
give superior yield and fidelity to Taq alone. The fidelity is 
not as high as you would get using just a proof-reading enzyme, 
but the presence of the Taq in the blend does mean that the 
product can be used in TA cloning.

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