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>From: Lorena Quintero Barrera
>I'm trying to extract DNA from a amazonian plant, but it has 
>been very dificult, we assayed Doyle and Doyle, Rodgers and 
>Bendich, and others,

Hi Lorena
Here's 3 of my favorite techniques for "difficult" plants, of course I
modified the techniques to do microtube preps!  
I was wondering how are you grinding your tissue, as that can make a big
difference in how much DNA you get.

 1)	J.P. Prince et al.  1997 Hort Science 32(5) pp 937-939   (good
for plants high in oils)

2)	Wang, Wang & Zou. 1996 "An Improved Procedure for the isolation
of nuclear DNA from leaves of wild grapevine dried with silica gel"
?     14(4) pp 369 - 373 (first buffer breaks cell wall and isolates
nucleas, second buffer releases nucleic acids; good on fresh tissues
high in phenolics)

3)	Bernatzky and Tanksley. 1986 Theor Appl Genet 72: pp 314-321 - I
have modified this protocol quite a bit, but that is where i started.

I also remember someone publishing a protocol in BioTechniques on DNA
extraction from Rain Forest Plant Species.  Another technique that may
be helpful was in Plant Molecular Biology Reporter on DNA isolation from
Sedum - i remember the phrase 'highly mucilagenous succulent plant' in
the title.  Both of these would have been between 1996 and 1999.

hope this helps
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