no restriction with EcoRI

Lorena Quintero Barrera lquinterob at
Tue Aug 30 15:47:22 EST 2005


We are working with an amazonian plant, we wanto do AFLPs, we isolate
DNA and we digested the genomic DNA with HindIII and MseI, but when
digest with EcoRI we dont have any result, the DNA is complete, there
isn't restriction evidence. The EcoRI enzyme hasn´t expired because
the positive control (lambda DNA) digest totally, we obtain the bands

So, we want to use the Invitrogen AFLP kit, it works with EcoRI and
MseI and if the EcoRi doesn´t work, we can't use it.

We don't know if there are any inhibitors for the EcoRI enzyme in our
genomic DNA? if it so, What can we do?

Please really need help any suggestion is welcome!!  


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