COURSE: Building an In-house Bioinformatics System

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Building an In-house Bioinformatics System


NRC Institute for Marine Biosciences 
Halifax, NS
February 13 - 17, 2006   
Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Brian Fristensky, University of Manitoba
Creating and managing a bioinformatics system for a lab, institute, or
university presents a host of problems. While there are an enormous number
of software tools, databases and hardware choices, integrating these into a
coherent, reliable and easy-to-use system is difficult to do well. This
course will guide participants through the steps needed to install and
tailor a system to the needs of the local user community, whether a single
research lab or a campus or company-wide system.

Topics include (tentative): 

*	First steps: Designing a  hardware, software, web and database
	infrastructure for your lab 

*	Make it so: Any user can do anything from anywhere (BIRCH
	  <> )
	  installing and organizing software; strategies for keeping system
	  administration simple; making programs easy to find and use; care and
	  feeding of your user base 

*	Data pipelines: Everything is a web service 
	  BioMOBY <>
	  Using web services; Creating web services; creating and modifying data
	  pipelines in Taverna <>  

*	Making databases and applications web-accessible
	 (Canadian Bioinformatics Help Desk)
	  Design of application web pages; making databases web-accessible; making
	  software downloadable 

*	Genome annotation pipelines (MAGPIE <> ,
	  BLUEJAY <> )
	  Implementing MAGPIE; populating the database; gene annotation 

*	High Performance Computing 
	  Computing grids; computing clusters

Prerequisites: Previous experience in Unix and Perl, or prior attendance at
the Genome Canada Applied Computational Genomics Course.

International attendees welcome.

For more information about this workshop or to download a registration form,
please go to or contact:
Sophie Chung                                                            
Training Coordinator
Genome Prairie
PH: (403) 210-8588
Email: sophie.chung at 


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