Vectors for mammalian expression and secretion of recombinant proteins

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> Dear all,
> Does anyone know of a vector for expressen in e.g. HEK293 similar to
> pcDNA but with a versatile secretion signal upstream of the multiple
> cloning site? We wish to express and secrete recombinant proteins
> without an "inherent" secretion signal.
> Thanx and merry xmas
> Troels
>From our paper in JCI <> 

R. B. Gayle, III, C. R. Maliszewski, S. D. Gimpel, M. A. Schoenborn, R. 
G. Caspary, C. Richards, K. Brasel, V Price, J. H. F. Drosopoulos, N. 
Islam, T. N. Alyonycheva, M. J. Broekman, and A. J. Marcus. Inhibition of 
platelet function by recombinant soluble ecto-ADPase/CD39. J.Clin.Invest. 
101 (9):1851-1859, 1998.

> To allow proper transport of soluble CD39 to the medium, an appropriate 
> leader sequence providing for secretion was required at the amino 
> terminus of the protein. Thus, the amino terminal transmembrane region 
> was replaced by a leader derived from human proinsulin/IL-2 sequences 
> (ref 15) (IL-2L) and a sequence coding for a small peptide tag, Flag.

See also:
J. H. F. Drosopoulos, M. J. Broekman, N. Islam, C. R. Maliszewski, R. B. 
Gayle, III, and A. J. Marcus. Site-directed mutagenesis of human 
endothelial cell ecto-ADPase/soluble CD39.  Requirement of glutamate174 
and serine218 for enzyme activity and inhibition of platelet recruitment. 
Biochemistry 39 (23):6936-6943, 2000.

Is this what you're looking for?

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