Double band in phage CsCl gradient prep

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum engelbert_buxbaum at
Tue Feb 1 03:55:48 EST 2005

C Coward wrote:

> Dr Engelbert Buxbaum <engelbert_buxbaum at> writes:
> >Why don't you look at the sample in the electron microscope or place
> >them onto bacteria, to see which ones are active? Call me old-fashioned,
> >but one should not forget basic biology over all that nucleic acid
> >fiddeling.
> Nor am I - I've done a phage assay on both of the bands, and both appear
> to contain phage. 

Ok, thats half your rent. Now I would try and repurify the phages from
both samples, to see whether you get homogeneous bands or whether there
will be two bands again in each of the samples.

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