Pronunciation of numbers in plasmid names, etc.?

Sergio yokese at
Thu Feb 3 17:53:07 EST 2005

I had so many funny moments due to small missunderstandings when 
pronouncing the acronyms as I used to do in spanish, that I think it's a 
great part of the scientific-english learning that nobody should miss.
I still remember the face of my first english-speaking supervisor when I 
was explaining my cloning in a "pee-you-see" plasmid :-)

> I thought as much. I also heard that many scientists - if in need for
> an acronymic name for something new (e.g. newly discovered gene,
> phenotype) - try to make up acronyms in a way that allows them to be
> easily pronounced and sometimes they even try to make it sound funny
> as you mentioned already.

What about the acronym for the E.coli L-fuculokinase? :-D

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