3rd Annual Pricing, Reimbursement & Parallel Trade

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Fri Feb 4 06:05:20 EST 2005

3rd Annual
In the global and emerging markets 2005
25th and 26th May 2005
Workshop - 24th May 2005
Marriott Kensington, London


The 3rd Annual Pricing, Reimbursement and Parallel Trade 2005 will focus on
the current trends and update on issues surrounding P&R, with a special
scope on the latest parallel trade development. In the light of new
technologies being developed continuously, pharmaceutical companies are
constantly looking for ways to improve their products' competitiveness in
the parallel trading grounds.

A unique case study by representative from Pfizer will address the company's
latest proposal to implement the new RFID technology in all their products,
to facilitate parallel trade in a more secured environment and to avoid
counterfeiting in developing countries.

- Novel strategies in P&R on national, global and market levels: Regional
case studies from top players on Europe, US and     emerging markets
- Things to consider when making P&R decisions: Understanding market
variations and restrictions
- Hear first hand experience on the benefits and challenges in the current
parallel trading grounds
  + including Pfizer's new RFID packaging plan
- Overcome latest regulatory hurdles: What to expect in the near future?
- Post-election update: The future of parallel trade and Medicare in US
- Cost-effective strategies: Learn methods to bring them into practical use

- William Haddad, Chairman / CEO, Biogenerics & Active Volunteer, Cipla
- Dr. Paul Langley, Health Economist, 3M
- Dr. Ulf Persson, Director, The Swedish Institute for Health Economics
- Jie Shen, Head, Pricing, Health Outcome, Access & Key Account Management,
Eli Lilly
- Grant Maclaine, Head, Reimbursement & TA Metabolic, Global Health
Economics & Outcomes Research, Bayer
- Tomasz Dzitko, Director, Delfarma
- Julian Mount and Martin Sweeney, Senior Director of European Trade and
European External Affairs Manager, Pfizer
- Oliver Schwerdt, Pricing Policy and Controlling, Region Europe, Schering
- Dr. Boyan Doganov, Director, International Projects, The International
Health Care & Health Insurance Research Institute
- Chris Teale, Director Health Economics, Pricing, Reimbursment & Product
Access, Allergan
- Dr. Silvio Garratini, Director, Mario Negri Institute
- Michael Barry, Clinical Director, National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics,
St James Hospital

This event shall also include:

- Assessing the pricing potential by a pricing matrix model
  Led by: Mark Nuijten, VP, Business Development & Senior Research
Scientist, MedTap

- Explore novel pricing & reimbursement strategies in Europe
  Led by: Klaus Hilleke, Senior Partner, Simon-Kuchers & Partner


- Senior Director, Global Health Outcomes
- Director, Economy and Regulatory Affairs
- Senior Director of European Trade
- European External and Regulatory Affairs Manager
- Pricing Policy and Controlling, Region Europe
- Senior Director, Public Policy
- Pricing and Reimbursement Strategist
- Health Economists
- Hospital Pharmacists
- Decision Makers in Health Care and at Authority Level
- Senior Policy Makers at Health Care Insurance Board


'Very informative & well organised' British Association of Pharmaceutical
Distribution - 2004
'Timely topics, good content' Eli Lilly- 2004
'Well worth attending. Very relevant' GSK 2004
'Definitely increased my understanding' Sucampo 2004


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Morning Session:

Assessing the pricing potential by a pricing matrix model
Led by: Mark Nuijten, VP Business Development & Senior Research Scientist,

Pricing of pharmaceuticals. Assessing the pricing potential by a pricing
matrix model
* How to distinguish extra data requirements?
* Understanding effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and budgetary impact in
these requirements
* Quantify uncertainty in these impacts to build solid pricing strategy
* Examine new methodology in a pricing matrix model

Afternoon Session:

Explore novel pricing & reimbursement strategies in Europe
Led by: Klaus Hilleke, Senior Partner, Simon-Kuchers & Partner

Explore novel pricing & reimbursement strategies in Europe
* How to price in the area of fixed reimbursement levels
* Pricing implications of the EU extension
* How to price for "breakthrough" innovations
* how to define innovation from a pricing and reimbursement perspective

Day One Wednesday 25th May 2005

Conference Chair Day One
Chirstopher Teale
Director Health Economics, Pricing, Reimbursment &
Product Access,

09:00 Registration and coffee

09:30 Opening remarks from the chair


09:40 Current trends & future hurdles to P&R and market
Access of new drugs in Europe
* Identify and examine critical success factors for developing
  commercially successful drugs - What can you implement?
* Understand implications for clinical- and commercial-
  evidence development
* Learn and explore Intra- & Inter-Country reference pricing
* Methods to factoring parallel trade in order to maximise
  pan-European revenues
* Explore the increasing importance of Health Technology
  Assessment (HTA)
* Analyse the trend towards Post-Launch R&D requirements
Chirstopher Teale
Director Health Economics, P&R and Product Access

10:20 Validating product claims for therapeutic class reviews
* GSK 3 - potential therapeutic target for Diabetes
* Examine structure-based drug design and structure-activity
  relationships - what can you learn?
* Mechanism of action of GSK 3 inhibitors
* Explore in vivo activity involved & analyse future prospects
Dr. Paul Langley
Health Economist

11:00 Morning Coffee

11:20 How to improve health economic evaluations among
reimbursement committees in selected countries
* Understand the decision making process by the Swedish
  Pharmaceutical Benefit Board (LFN)
* Economic evidence -Cross country analysis of reimbursement
  committees: Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden and clinical
  guidance committee in England & Wales
* Cost-effectiveness analysis to determine reimbursement
  status -How effective is it?
  - How to convert cost-effectiveness theories into practice?
  - The future of committees' decisions on prescribing patterns
Dr. Ulf Persson
The Swedish Institute for Health Economics

12:00 Incorporating patent management with P&R strategies
* Integrating patent & contract management with P&R
  strategies - Issues to watch for and example of success stories
* P&R strategy and product life cycle - before and after patent
* Current legal issues in Europe and US
* Examining the impact of the Bayer and Glaxo's decisions
* Pricing methods to enhance competitiveness in parallel
  trading ground
Lorna Brazell
Bird and Bird

12:40 Lunch

14:00 Post Election Update - The Status of US "Free Market"
* How will the political issues and legislation influence the
  pharma industry?
* Current market behaviour in pharma and political arenas
  - Factors affecting Medicare: To what extent?
* The history of pricing and reimbursement debates in US
* What to expect in the future? Forecast by an insider
* Market access and Aids
William Haddad
Chairman / CEO

14:40 CASE STUDY: Germany's P&R Environment after Health
Care Reform Law
* Overview of current German P&R environment
* What are the key issues in Germany's new reference
  pricing system?
* The new Institution of Quality and Economic Efficiency
  and HTA
* How to embed P&R into company and brand strategy?
  - Bringing P&R Sstrategies into practical use
Jie Shen
Head, Pricing, Health Outcomes, Access & Key Account
Eli Lilly

15:20 Afternoon Tea

15:40 CASE STUDY: Article 100 Spanish medicine act: Is this the
model to free pricing?
* Pharmaceutical prices and reimbursement in Spain
  - Spanish pricing law
* Governmental hurdles & influences on reimbursement policies
  - What to expect in the near future?
* Prospective changes to reimbursement decision making
* Supply and demand restrictions
* Sales and prescribing trends
Kevin Loth
Director, European Public Affairs

16:20 CASE STUDY: Drug Selection and Pricing in Italy
* Understand the role of the Italian Medicines Agency
  - Italian pricing regulations
* Pharmaceutical expenses in Italy
* What are the criteria for reimbursing new medicines?
* Discover the limitations in medicines prescriptions
Dr. Silvio Garratini
Mario Negri Institute

* Current pricing trends in the accession countries
* China and India as emerging global players
* Pricing innovations

Chirstopher Teale, Director, Bayer
Dr. Paul Langley , Health Economist, 3M
William Haddad, Chairman / CEO, Biogenerics

17:40 End of Day One of Conference

Day Two Thursday 26th May 2005

Conference Chair Day Two
Grant Maclaine
Head, Reimbursement & TA Metabolic,Global Health
Economics & Outcomes Research

09:00 Registration and coffee

09:30 Opening remarks from the chair

09:40 UK: Update on pricing and reimbursement environment
* Overview of UK P&R arrangements
* Analyse recent government health policy initiatives and the
  new PPRS agreement
* Examine the latest issues and developments with NICE
  - What are the cost-effectiveness thresholds?
  - The revised NICE guidance for manufacturer submissions:
  What can you learn from the reference case?
  - Evidence on NICE's performance: implementation of NICE
Grant Maclaine
Head, Reimbursement & TA Metabolic,Global Health
Economics & Outcomes Research

10:20 Utilizing pricing strategies to practical needs
* The economics of parallel trade as a consequence of EU market
  environment - What are the current trends & market interests?
* Analyse the tactical measures we have implemented in the past
* Understand intelligent long-term pricing strategies
  - What tools and elements can you use?
* Implementing P&R workflows in practice - what to watch for?
Oliver Schwerdt
Pricing Policy and Controlling, Region Europe
Schering AG

11:00 Morning Coffee


11:20 CASE STUDY: Parallel Trade and P&R in Ireland
* Trends in drug expenditure in Ireland over the past decade
* Irish Healthcare System: P&R mechanisms for medicines
  - Current agreement between pharma industry & DOH
  - Linkage of price of medicines to UK, Germany, Netherlands,
  Denmark & France
* Explore the new Health Technology Assessment organisation
  (HIQA) and its proposed remit.
* Ireland's pharmacoeconomic evaluation issues
  - The largest net exporter of pharma products in the world
Michael Barry
Clinical Director
National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics
St James Hospital

12:00 Trying to Stop Parallel Trade: Separating Facts from
* "Single" European Pharmaceutical Market?
  - Pharmaceutical Pricing EU-15 vs. CEEC's
* Parallel Trade: Facts vs. Fiction
* Example Poland - Potential Parallel Trade benefits
  - Parallel Trade Directions
  - Improving Access to Modern Treatment
Tomasz Dzitko

12:40 Lunch

14:00 LEGAL UPDATE - Recent developments in a European
* Review of the case law on parallel trade and repackaging
* Parallel trade in the context of EU Enlargement
* Understand the Specific Mechanism - What can you learn?
  - What parallel trade can it prevent?
  - How to implement and what are the requirements?
* Is there a Malta/Cyprus loophole?
Nigel Stoate
Head, Ageing and Neuroscience
Taylor Wessing

14:40 Balkans: Drugs Pricing, Reimbursement & Parallel Trade
* Explore the pricing & reimbursement environment in Albania,
  Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey
* Comparison analysis of the current practices & future trends
* Examine role of the pharmacoeconomic data for drugs
  selection and elimination
* Role of parallel trade and its effect on pricing policy
* Is there a 'black market' for drugs and what scenarios might
  be expected after the next accession phase?
Dr. Boyan Doganov
Director, International Projects
The International Health Care and Health Insurance
Research Institute
Senior Consultant
Mediconsult Group of Companies

15:20 Afternoon Tea

15:40 Analysis of parallel trade in the global market: Lessons
learnt & what to expect in the future?
* USA: What are the current real arguments?
* Potential economic implications of the Bayer and Glaxo cases
* What are the current implications for the developing countries?
* Understand the current policy objectives:
  - Patented goods: the necessity for price discrimination
  - Generic goods: the advantages of free trade
Dermot Glynn
Europe Economics

16:20 CASE STUDY: Pfizer's strategies to a safe parallel
trading ground
* Overview of Pfizer's Patient Safety Campaign
* Explore the new anti-tamper and anti-counterfeit packaging
  for Pfizer's products in 2005/2006, and beyond
* What is the role of coding of medicines?
* Analyse experience and actions taken in Europe & US
* Calling industry and government to action!
Julian Mount and Martin Sweeney
Senior Director, European Trade & European External Affairs

This panel discussion will be an occasion to review the issues
addressed over the last two days and attempt to provide
recommendations on parallel trade strategies. With a focus on
the emerging markets.

Grant Maclaine, Head, Reimbursement, Bayer
Tomasz Dzitko, Director, Delfarma
Dermot Glynn, Chairman, Europe Economics

17:40 Close of Conference

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