Urgent request: BME required for RNA isolation?

atari1980 at hotmail.com atari1980 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 7 13:39:37 EST 2005

Thanks Deanne (and Peter),

We do perform a DNAse treatment step, but I feel we will have to take
Deanne's advice and extract the 60 samples again.

I am still a bit confused, though.  Deanne said that the BME maintains
a reduced environment.  After the RNA is purified (i.e. gone through
all of the washes and DNAse treatment on the RNeasy silica gel
columns), is the BME still present in the RNA extract to maintain a
reduced environment, or is there simply RNA and water present?

I may perform RT-PCR on a few of the samples to see how they fared.

Thanks again for the quick responses,

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