How to present microarray data in a talk?

Sergio yokese at
Tue Feb 15 13:11:19 EST 2005

Just my opinion, but I think graphs are much better than tables in a 
talk. If you present a bunch of numbers in tables, at least 50% of your 
audience will miss 50% of your talk because they will be reading the 
numbers, comparing values, etc. Using graphs, they'll see the 
information at a glance and won't miss the talk.
In addition, I'd suggest to keep it simple. I think it's better to 
comment some stuff than trying to show everything in a graph, just to 
avoid the graph to become a mess of dots, lines, SD bars, etc. If 
someone is interested in a more detailed graph you can keep a couple of 
slides at the end of the presentation, or show a complex first one to 
explain how the things were done before showing the rest of them. I'd 
suggest also to be consistent in the colors and patterns. That way, once 
they understand the first graph, they'll easily understand the rest.
And last, having only 15 min don't try to show a bunch of slides. Give 
the audience time to understand what you are presenting and show only 
what you consider is most relevant of your work, although you can 
comment the rest of the work you are not showing.

Of course, there are people who prefer the tables...

Good luck


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