No GFP antibody for co-immunoprecipitation?

Jayakumar, R R.Jayakumar at
Wed Feb 23 09:40:40 EST 2005

Check out this website for a list of companies producing anti-GFP antibodies both polyclonal and monoclonal.

You could probably call up the company and ask them if they would be suitable for immunoprecipitation too.  I will be surprised if they are not.

Best of luck.
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Subject: No GFP antibody for co-immunoprecipitation?

Hi there,

I already made the GFP fusion for the study of a protein's
localization. Now I become interested in seeing what other proteins
(complex) it binds to. Well after a little bit research on the
internet, I realized there is actually no GFP antibody available to do
a co-immunoprecipitation.

It's sort of weird that the GFP has been around for so many years and
nobody bothers to make an antibody to do co-ip with it. Anybody has an
explanation or am I wrong on this point?



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