No GFP antibody for co-immunoprecipitation?

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GFP and GFP fusion proteins have been immunoprecipitated at least from a preliminary google search.   Search with keywords "immunoprecipitation GFP" on  I got at least a couple of hundred relevant links.  It will also be useful to search on an as yet unknown website "" (refer november issue of Nature about this very very usefull website for researchers), which gives a targetted literature search for your keywords.  Also search this link to roche which sells an antibody against GFP specifically for immunoprecipitation of GFP and GFP tagged proteins. Many other companies sell them too. You have to just search for them.

And, an adjacent lab I know have used polyclonal antisera for immunoprecipitation of proteins.  Monoclonal antibodies used for western should suit the purpose adequately, except that they are required in larger quantities.

Best of luck

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I can only find using GFP antibodies to do western, never found a case
to do immunoprecipitation. I just wonder if there are any real life
cases or experiences to successfully use a GFP antibody pulling down
the complexes.

No luck so far. :(

"Jayakumar, R" wrote:
> Check out this website for a list of companies producing anti-GFP
antibodies both polyclonal and monoclonal.
> You could probably call up the company and ask them if they would be
suitable for immunoprecipitation too.  I will be surprised if they are
> Best of luck.
> Jai


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