[Methods-and-reagents] Re: Expressing high activity AP in E. coli

Austin P So (Hae Jin) nobody at nowhere.com
Sun Jul 3 21:52:08 EST 2005

Well...I guess I don't know what "high activity" may mean for you, but 
New England Biolabs (www.neb.com) generally provides good reference 
information on their products, and most if not all of their stuff is 
recombinant, so it may be a good place to start...



Yoram Gerchman (gerchman at Princeton.EDU) wrote:
> Greetings all
> I want to express an high activity alkaline phosphatase in E. coli. Anyone has an idea for high activity AP gene that work in E. coli? I know Roche got a recombinant version of the bovine AP but I could not find any reference as to how it was done.
> Thanks Yoram
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