william baseey petronet-oilcompany at
Wed Jun 1 22:08:53 EST 2005

Dear Friend,
I am Mr Bassey William,a foriegn service hired agent for
They are group of Business people who deal on raw
materials such as CRUDE OIL & LIQUIFIED GAS.They 
export these products into America.
They are searching for representatives who can help them
establish a medium of getting to thier customers in
America as well as means of payments to them.If
you are interested in standing in for them as regards
this we will be very glad.
Please contact me via email;petronet-oil at 
more information.
Based on your acceptance you will be given the
opportunity to negotiate your remuneration for your
services as thier representative in canada/America. and
Please if you are interested forward to me your
phone/fax number and your full contact addresses.
I am honest to say this job offer is 100% risk free
and there shall not be any financial obligation from your
  Thanks in advance.
Bassey William,
 Foriegn Service Hired Agent(PETRONET).

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