[Methods-and-reagents] Re: dam methylation protocol

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Wed Jun 1 18:28:23 EST 2005

Dear Vagos,

what about growing your plasmid in a dam+ (means almost any standard-) 
strain of E. coli? You might consult e.g. the strain list to be found in 
the NEB catalogue.


At 16:51 01.06.2005, vagos wrote:
>Hello, I am looking for a protocol for methylating 10ug of pSP189
>plasmid (5kb) using dam methylase. Could you please give me the exact
>volume (in ul) of each constituent in the reaction?
>Thanks in advance,
>Evagelos Liapis

Wolfgang Schechinger, Dr. rer. nat.
Med Clinic I, Endocrine Research Lab
Bochum University Hospital "Bergmannsheil"
- the world's first casualty hospital for miners and steel workes -


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