[Methods-and-reagents] Re: Commercial Premade SDS protein gels

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum engelbert_buxbaum at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 13 13:54:06 EST 2005

Duncan Clark wrote:

> As to who to buy from? The only one that comes to mind is 
> Invitrogen/Novex. Must be others though?

For what it's worth, I just got an ad from somebody called Elchrome
Scientific who are trying to sell precast gels ("blotex") which are not
based on acrylamide, but on an unspecified "hydrogel", allegedly
non-toxic. For student practicals that could be worth a shot. They also
claim superior recovery during western blotting compared to standard

Other than that, BioRad sells precasts and IIRC Pharmacia (now part of
GE) too.

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