[Methods-and-reagents] a website with all details on uses and applications of reagents and other chemicals in biology research.

Dhanabalan Shanmugam biodhanabalan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 01:45:43 EST 2005

iam a post graduate in Biochemistry from India.
i have searched a number of websites to know about the uses/
applications/functions of each and every laboratory reagent in
experiments/assays etc. i have not found one. i tried SIGMA like sites
but they have less details about a very few reagents. i like to have
full details even  on common reagents pertaining to biology/
biochemistry research. any help in this direction with list of
websites will be appreciated. Thank you.

S. Dhanabalan,
Dept. of. Biochem and Mol. Bio,
School of Life Sciences,
Pondicherry University,
e-mail:      biodhanabalan at gmail.com

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