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That is indeed a very unusual quest, especially since almost every reagent that 
you may find listed in a catalog from Sigma or elsewhere would have multiple 
uses. For instance, even the very common salt is used in different applications 
for different purposes.  Nonetheless, it is always the inherent property of the 
"chemical" that is of significance. If you have the time, I may suggest that 
you simply search the various electronic databases (eg. Sci Citation index, 
Chemical Abstracts, Agricola, etc.) with each compound as the keyword. You may 
even "google" them (since you asked about websites).  The EPA, OSHA, etc., list 
chemicals and their hazards (with some uses) [http://www.epa.gov/epahome/

Quoting Dhanabalan Shanmugam <biodhanabalan at gmail.com>:

> iam a post graduate in Biochemistry from India.
> i have searched a number of websites to know about the uses/
> applications/functions of each and every laboratory reagent in
> experiments/assays etc. i have not found one. i tried SIGMA like sites
> but they have less details about a very few reagents. i like to have
> full details even  on common reagents pertaining to biology/
> biochemistry research. any help in this direction with list of
> websites will be appreciated. Thank you.
> S. Dhanabalan,
> Dept. of. Biochem and Mol. Bio,
> School of Life Sciences,
> Pondicherry University,
> Pondicherry, 
> India.
> e-mail:      biodhanabalan at gmail.com
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