DNA Extraction from viscous medium

taskan4 taskan4 at yahoo.es
Tue Mar 1 06:31:50 EST 2005

> Hi, i want to extract DNA from Sclerotium. The
fungus secrets a
> polyglucan that leads to a very viscous medium. Are
there any methods
> for such a case? How can i get rid of the polyglucan
without loosing
> or damageing the mycelium? Chancing the medium is
unfortunately no
> option...
> thank you, Dirk...

Try this. It works very well with Botrytis, which also
produces polyglucan (although maybe not as much as
Sclerotium). Polysaccharides are eliminated by
precipitation with CTAB.

A simple and efficient protocol for isolation of high
molecular weight DNA from filamentous fungi, fruit
bodies, and infected plant tissues.
E M Möller, G Bahnweg, H Sandermann, and H H Geiger

Full text in:

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