Fire Lab C. Elegans Vector Kit now available through Addgene

Benjie Chen benjie at
Thu Mar 17 18:18:14 EST 2005

The Fire Lab C. Elegans Vector Kit is now available for distribution
to scientists at academic and non-profit institutions through Addgene.
This kit contains 288 vectors assembled by Dr. Andrew Fire of Stanford
University for C. Elegans research.  Among these vectors are lacZ
and/or GFP fusion vectors for studying gene expression, control
plasmids for RNA-mediated interference, vectors for Bacterial-mediated
RNAi, and much more.  For more information, see

Addgene is a new not-for-profit research support service dedicated to
archiving and distributing plasmids from published articles.
Addgene's goal is to compile a comprehensive library of plasmids to
facilitate research and discovery. For more information, visit

The Addgene Team

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