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We have the DNA Engine, and I am totally sold on it!

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> I'm planning on buying an additional thermal cycler for my lab and 
> was hoping for some additional input from members of this forum.
> Currently we use an ABI GeneAmp 9700. Replacing that is an option, or 
> opting for their lower end model, the 2720 . The 2720 costs less, so 
> I could think about getting two to address capacity issues). Since we 
> mostly just use 0.2 ml tubes/striptubes, the lower end model seems 
> like it would suffice.
> Another option would be an MJ DNA engine (now part of Bio-Rad). I 
> have had good luck with these units when I was a post doc, and the 
> flexibility of the unit seems really nice. The 96-well block can have 
> a temp gradient across the block (sounds useful for optimization). 
> They also have a dual 48-well block that essentially makes it into 
> two independent instruments. This seems attractive as we may have 
> more people wanting to use the instrumentation in the coming years.
> I'd be interested to hear opinions about these or other comparable 
> instruments, especially with respect to reliability, quality, ease of 
> use, and value.
> Thanks all.
> Mike
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