thermal cycler preferences

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Mon May 2 16:01:27 EST 2005

In article <p06110406be9c2970668c@[]>, mlsulliv at ("Michael L. Sullivan") wrote:
>I'm planning on buying an additional thermal cycler for my lab and 
>was hoping for some additional input from members of this forum.
>Currently we use an ABI GeneAmp 9700. Replacing that is an option, or 
>opting for their lower end model, the 2720 . The 2720 costs less, so 
>I could think about getting two to address capacity issues). Since we 
>mostly just use 0.2 ml tubes/striptubes, the lower end model seems 
>like it would suffice.

2720 is what we have for the last 3 years and I am very happy with 
them. The absense of the "programming language" that seemed to 
be required to operate every other PCR machine I've seen in the past
is the biggest plus for me. 

>Another option would be an MJ DNA engine (now part of Bio-Rad). I 
>have had good luck with these units when I was a post doc, and the 
>flexibility of the unit seems really nice. The 96-well block can have 
>a temp gradient across the block (sounds useful for optimization). 
>They also have a dual 48-well block that essentially makes it into 
>two independent instruments. This seems attractive as we may have 
>more people wanting to use the instrumentation in the coming years.

I'd go with the complex ones only if I had to. 


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