patents/licenses and Taq/Pfu DNA polymerase

Rafael Maldonado rafamaldo at
Thu May 5 13:19:00 EST 2005

DK wrote:
> In article <bz70viDc16bCFAbd at>, Duncan Clark <news at> wrote:
>>All Hotstart methods are covered by patents, 
>>regardless of what they are.
> Wow. Makes me wonder why no one yet patented all gel 
> electrophoreis methods, regardless of what they are. 
> More and more, patents and patent laws are becoming 
> more and more ridiculous. 
> DK

What about patenting DNA? Or transcription/translation? Mutants in recA? 
   Ampicilline resistance gene? pBR322 origin of replication? Those guys 
have lost millions!!!


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