fluorescent labelled DNAs

Isola nrisola at yahoo.com
Sat May 21 23:28:37 EST 2005

Dear fellow researchers,

This is a strange and unusual request. I am a molecular biologist
recently diagnosed with cancer in the neck. I am currently in therapy
after 8 weeks of radiation therapy and two rounds of chemotherapy.  The
prognosis seem to be good but with the trach in my throat I can barely
speak and my nutrition is mostly through the PEG tube. Good news is I
am feeling better lately and have some ideas I like to test in my

For this purpose I need some DNAs (plasmid, genomic, oligos). Any DNA
will do for now. I am working on different surfaces for DNA attachment
and performing hybridizations.This may replace (complement) the
membrane based methods (if it works). For this I need to test the
binding using plasmid DNA and then hybridize it with a fluorescently
labelled oligo. I can detect most of the fluorescent labels with the
novel scanner I have designed.

I would appreciate if any of you can send me some of your discarded
DNAs and labelled oligos.

In my current financial situation I cannot afford to spend hundreds of
dollars to get the plasmid DNAs or oligos from companies.  If the
binding and hybridizations work then I will submit proposals for
completing the development of this product and hopefully I will fully
recover by then.

As I mentioned above this is a strange request. Any help will be

Please E-mail me at nrisola at yahoo.com if you wish to donate some DNA or
would like to take more interest in the project and continue to be a
collaborator (co-author).

Thank you in advance

Dr N R Isola

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