Which layout software do you use for creating publication quality figures?

Raymond Dalgleish ray at le.ac.uk
Tue May 24 10:42:59 EST 2005

paul_wary at yahoo.com wrote:
> Hi,
> This may not be directly a molecular biology question but nonetheless
> most of you here have already had to deal with this I suppose. I am
> familiar with the MS Office suite programs but do not have any
> experience with DTP/layout software. For a publication I need to create
> multi-part figures with some annotation (not the actual caption, which
> will be on separate pages, just some basic graphics elements like
> frames, arrows, and labels). The "problem" is that the output should
> also be high quality (e.g. TIFF or EPS). Which software do you use for
> this purpose or which software would you recommend?
> Paul

I use Macromedia Freehand. The key point is to select a program that is 
object-based rather than pixel-based. Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or 
even (at much lower cost) Serif Draw Plus. There is even a free download 
  available for Serif Draw Plus version 4:



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