Coupled prokaryotic transcription/translation system

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Thu Nov 17 06:30:45 EST 2005

Historians believe that in newspost 
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2005, Alex <ayboro at> penned the following literary masterpiece:
>We are looking for a system that allows HTP generation of mkg amounts
>of protein from linear PCR products. It seems that coupled prokaryotic
>T7 driven is a way to go. Any suggestions or ideas? What would be the
>most critical parameters? What yield to expect? Are there any
>preferences among the commercial products?
>Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.


mg's or ug's?

 From what I have heard (never used it) the highest production seems to 
be using the Roche system. Maybe a look at how they do wit will give you 
some ideas of what to look for.

I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing noise they make as
they go flying by.

Duncan Clark
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