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Below Taken from the bio-rad website:

Sample Preparation

The procedure described here prepares sufficient microcarriers for 60 bombardments using 500 micrograms per bombardment. 
Weigh 30 milligrams of microparticles, either gold or tungsten, into a 1.5ml microfuge tube.
Add 1 ml 70% ethanol.
Vortex for 3-5 minutes.
Allow the particles to soak in 70% ethanol for 15 minutes.
Pellet the microparticles by briefly spinning in a microcentrifuge.
Remove and discard the supernatant.
Wash three times in sterile water, pelleting the microparticles by briefly spinning and discard the supernatant.
Add 500 microlitres sterile 50% glycerol to bring the concentration to 60 milligrams per ml.
These microparticles can be stored for up to two weeks, tungsten at -20 0C and gold at -40C or room temperature.

I thought it was strange that it does not include mixing the particles with DNA anyway in the preparation.

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  protecting the DNA and ppt to the particles. BTW Bio-Rad has a quite nice website for particle bombardment.



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    What is the role of spermidine and calcium chloride in preparing DNA-coated particles for bombardment?

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