Sf9 cells

Allison allison at nospam.com
Thu Nov 24 13:35:53 EST 2005

Christian Praetorius wrote:

> Allison <allison at nospam.com> wrote:
>>come off that way.  Tapping the flask does not help.  I've tried 
> Strange. I worked wit h SF21 cells, and it was no problem there. And
> they are derived from Sf9, as far as I know.
>>scraping them off gently but the viablity (by trypan blue) is not great 
>>65-70%).  I would like better viability before going on to the virus 
>>infection step.
> Try to digest the cells for 5 minutes with trypsin. Remove the trypsin
> afterwards and try again to tap them of. Should work now.
Trypsin was next on my list of things to try.  thanks for confirming.

> For how long did you culture your cells before you got this viability?
Someone else in the lab got cells from Invitrogen.  She grew them to 
passage 10 and froze them, and this is what I started with.  I'm only up 
to passage 12.  But she also had problems with them sticking, pretty 
much from the start I think.

> Maybe another medium works better, we tried Grace's and TC100 and
> TC100 worked better.

Thanks for the suggestion.
> Christian

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