Sf9 cells

Christian Praetorius prae at gmx.net
Thu Nov 24 13:41:48 EST 2005

Allison <allison at nospam.com> wrote:

>Someone else in the lab got cells from Invitrogen.  She grew them to 
>passage 10 and froze them, and this is what I started with.  I'm only up 
>to passage 12.  But she also had problems with them sticking, pretty 
>much from the start I think.

This is no problem. We used the cells for weeks without any problems.
Viability was usually up to 98%. Do you need to use adherent cells? We
also cultured the cells without any problems in suspension culture
(erlenmeyer bottles). For this, we added lipid to the cells and shaked
them around 70rpm.


Immerhin ist die relative Fluechtigkeit des Mediums Computer dem Gehalt vieler Bilder 
in idealer Weise angemessen, waehrend man bei Papierbildern immer ueberlegt, ob "es das 
Bild wert" sei. Oliver Corff, 23.08.05 in drf

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