ladder pattern in gDNA extractions

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Tue Nov 29 18:15:40 EST 2005

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 Peter Ellis <pjie2 at> wrote:

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> >My questions are these:
> >
> >1.  Have others seen this ladder pattern in their gDNA extractions?
> >2.  Does my "Hewish and Burgoyne redux" interpretation seem plausible?
> >3.  Could endogenous enzymatic activity be at fault?
> >4.  Can anyone offer suggestions on how to prevent the DNA degradation?
> >
> >For the coral work the cells were laboriously collected and purified by
> >density-gradient centrifugation and flow cytometry in order to
> >eliminate intracellular algal symbionts present in the species.  
> Isn't it simply apoptotic DNA laddering?  The laborious pretreatment 
> could easily be leading to cell death.
> Peter

That's exactly what it is; and quite a nice demonstration of it!


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