Blocking of epoxy-coated slides

Sanjay Vijendran svijendran at
Mon Oct 3 14:04:13 EST 2005

Hi all,

 I'm attempting some protein binding experiments using epoxy-coated
slides and am having trouble with blocking the slides effectively
after printing them with spots. I'm printing spots of Biotin onto the
slides and have tried blocking with both1%BSA in PBS solution as well
as ethanolamin in sodium borate buffer, but I still have lots of
non-significant binding from streptavidin. The blocking time I have
used is 30 minutes.

 Has anyone had success with blocking streptavidin binding after
attaching biotin (or biotinylated proteins) to epoxy slides? I'd be
interested in hearing about any other good protocols for doing
streptavidin-biotin binding on either epoxy or aldehyde coated slides.

Thanks very much.


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