EtBr and gloves - nitril, latex og vinyl?

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> >When handling materials contaminated with EtBr, which glove type gives
> >the best protection, nitril, latex og vinyl? Does it matter which type
> >of glove you use?
> Does not matter at all.
> Someone is saying it does. I would love to hear an explanation as
> to why that might be. IMHO, Eth+ is very hydrophilic and won't go
> through anything through which water cannot go. (It does not
> even cross plasma memebrane!).
> Dima

I agree that there's not much out there to justify the excessive cautions
that are taken with EtBr, but I've seen for myself that it enters cells. I
used to experiment with EtBr on L-929 in the early days, and the pellet of
treated cell nuclei was definitely coloured red by EtBr.

By the way, this topic is on a regular cycle in this forum!

Dag Rune

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