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Sat Oct 22 12:24:47 EST 2005

Dear Michael, 

I just stumbled across your request for Chlorazol Paper Brown B. I have
exactly the same problem in the UK as you have on the other side of the pond
and have been hunting high and low for a bottle. None of the large suppliers
stock it and most, including the majority of botanical microscopists, have
never heard of it which is a shame because it was so easy to use, stained
tissues in a variety of colours (yellow, orange, red and brown) and sections
that I stained back in mid 1970's still have not faded. I now use a variety
of alternative stains to show differentiating plant tissue -

Double stain Delafield's Haematoxylin / Safranin -cellulose walls, nuclei
etc purple, lignified walls red

Double stain Alcian Blue / Safranin - cellulose walls blue, lignified walls

Metachromatic stain Toluidine Blue O - cellulose walls purple or dark blue,
lignified walls pale blue, turquoise or green.

Fast Green is a much better choice than Light Green for use with Safranin as
it is less likely to fade with time. 

Iron Haematoxylin with Orange G as a counter-stain is also a good
combination for meristematic tissue.


The Toluidine Blue O is even easier to use than the Chlorazol Brown B but
the other methods aren't too difficult to use either.


However, if I find a source, I'll let you know. Likewise get in touch if you
need details of the staining schedule.




Kevin Davies

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