PCR directly from Yeast

Dag Rune Gjellesvik dagrg_nospam at online.no
Fri Sep 2 06:21:47 EST 2005

I've done this with Pichia pastoris. Simply follow the same protocol as with
bacteria, transfer cells from the colonies with a tootpick to the PCR mix.
Only include an initial 3-5 min 95 C heating step to lyse the cells. Worked
for me at least.

Dag Rune Gjellesvik

"TieQiao Wu" <TieQiao.Wu at baker.edu.au> skrev i melding
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> Hi, Dear All:
> I am doing yeast two-hybrid at the moment and I'd like to amplify the
interested genes directly from the mated strain without the purification of
plasmid DNA. I know someone conducts PCR directly from Bacteria. Does anyone
have the experience and protocols or suggestions for this kind of PCR from
yeast? Thanks a lot!
> Tieqiao Wu
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