Advice on buying a 18.2Mohm, nuclease free water system. Have you got one? Are you happy with it? What are the consumable lifetimes?

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Tue Sep 6 10:35:15 EST 2005


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I am in the process of buying a lab water purification system capable
of producing nuclease-free water. Below are all the
systems I have found that can do this.

But I have found very little information on how the brands compare,
either technically (frequency of breakdowns/faults, ease of use), or
economically (replacement cartridge/filter costs and lifetimes).

So, if anyone has used any any of the systems below (or anything else
meeting the above criteria), I'd be very grateful if you could tell me:

1. Which system?

2. What typical lifetimes have you found for each of the replaceable
cartridges and filters? (In litres of water if you know it, or else
approx. number of months)

3. Have you had any notable problems with the system?

4. If you have used any of the other systems also - how would you
compare this one with them?

Hopefully this thread could become a good resource for anyone else
looking for this type of water system.

Best regards,



(For some reason, Barnstead only list their systems with both
ultrafiltration (UF) and a UV lamp as capable of removing nucleases,
while everyone else says their plain UF systems can do it. They all
have models with a UV lamp also, but recommend these where you need to
minimize the organic carbon in the water).

Barnstead Easypure II UV/UF

    1. Ultrafilter
    2. Pretreatment cartridge
    3. EASYpure ULTRApure cartridge
    4. EASYpure high purity/low TOC cartridge
    5. 0.2um final filter
    6. UV lamp

Barnstead NANOpure Diamond Life Science

    1. Ultrafilter
    3. Cartridge pack
    5. 0.2um final filter (Manual says replace at least every 30-days)
    6. UV lamp

Millipore Milli-Q Biocel

    1. Q-gard cartridge (pretreatment)
    2. Quantum cartridge (ionic and organic removal)
    3. Pyrogard 5000 UF cartridge (ultrafiltration)
    4. 0.2um final filter

Satrorius Arium 611UF

    1. Cartridge kit
    2. Ultrafiltration cartridge
    3. 0.2um final filter
    4. Sanitization kit

Labconco WaterPro PS/UF

    1. Cartridge kit (1x carbon, 3x deionization)
    2. ultrafilter
    3. final filter
    [Detailed cartridge lifetimes given in manual. The worst case they
list is
    100us/cm feed water, which gives a cartridge lifetime of 1775

USFilter/ELGA Purelab Ultra Genetic or Bioscience

    1. Cartridge pack
    2. Ultrafilter
    3. 0.2um point-of-use filter
    4. Sanitization tablets

APS? Aquamax UF

    1. HP-Pack (pretreatment/ionic removal catridges)
    2. Ultrafilter
    3. 0.2um final filter

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