recommendations for electronic laboratory notebooks?

Bean Long ben.long at
Thu Sep 8 18:21:41 EST 2005

Hi Johnathon,

We have ahd the ORNL ELN for about 2 years, but noone uses it!  I personally
don't like the interdface and have begun creating my own using Microsoft
Access.  I simply create entries for each day and links to files (text,
data, images etc) for the relevant experiments.  Really quite nifty and you
can make it to suit your own needs.


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> Hi,
> Any recommendations for free or cheap electronic laboratory notebooks
> (ELNs)?
> We're about to give this one a spin:
> I haven't found any review articles comparing ELNs.  Of course, for
> only $2500 I could purchase such a review from Atrium Research, but
> that sort of defeats the point of finding an inexpensive solution ...
> TIA,
> Jonathan

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